Software Developer

As a consultant, a key roll of mine is to solve problems with a few basic steps:

  • find the problem
  • quantify the problem
  • finally, write an app to solve the problem

I’ve developed apps that are built in three months too apps that are build in three years with a team of developers.  No problem is too small or too big.

Database developer and analyst

Applications can sabotage a database incrementally over time and by the time it has become obvious dirty data exponentially becomes worse.  Typically fixing the application bug or a broken business process is easy but analyzing data with complex auditing techniques can be not only tedious but high risk.

That’s where I come in and some of my colleagues come in.  We’ll analyze the business rules, audit the data accordingly with custom scripts or applications I’ve written then either make a recommendations or perform the actual data cleansing with more custom tools I’ve written.

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